Professional Advancement Tools for Working Parents

Individuals’ desire to create and build families as well as their desire to create value through their work, and through their careers, both deserve integrated, proactive, and simultaneous support. 

We believe that to optimize people’s chances of successfully building careers and families they want, the two endeavors must be treated not as if on a scale from which to balance, but points on a single plane from which to join to ensure that family and career aspirations converge rather than diverge for one’s own benefit, that of their families, their employers, and society at large.


our Mission

Our mission is to help people successfully integrate their plans and goals for family and career by deploying technological products to yield positive outcomes and successes in both areas. Because the factors that lead to successes in activities such as advancing professionally while building and nurturing families are multi-faceted, so too is our approach to innovating. Through our products, we provide practical and action-driven solutions to the challenges that millions face globally as they endeavor to professionally advance as they also endeavor to build their families.


With our partners, we seek to  move global society towards using a framework of fully integrating family and career planning and decision-making in order to markedly improve working parents’ professional outcomes, the retention rate of parents in the workforce, and to usher in a new era of productivity and innovation. 

Plan. Design. Build. Your Life.
— Arkatecht

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A platform that matches working parents with professional development opportunities, and then secures childcare (via family, friends, and vetted providers), so parents can more easily attend those critically important opportunities.

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