Why Endeavor?


Facilitating a smooth transition for them, for the benefit of all…

For many women, particularly first time expectant mothers, as well as their employers, the transition from pregnancy to motherhood can often lead to a number of unexpected challenges and critically important decisions to make.

As first time expectant mothers, women may have a general idea of what pregnancy and motherhood will be like. However, they do not yet have the lived experience of being pregnant or postpartum while working to navigate their jobs, and advance their careers, and also deal with the physical and mental rigors of creating new life.  This can lead to missed opportunities and unrealized professional advances, a negative both for them and you, as their employer, which can have far reaching consequences, particularly if women perceive of insurmountable obstacles to work-life balance to the point of opting out of the workforce.

For you, as an employer, their loss is very much yours too as on average, you will lost $100,000 per employee who opts out of her job. You will incur millions annually, directly and indirectly, on losing some remarkable talent when you otherwise could have avoided it.

While 43% of working mothers ultimately opt of out their jobs and the workforce, 70% of them report that they would have stayed in their jobs had they been more effectively supported in their journey to working motherhood.

For those employees who remain in the workplace, but lack the support needed to reach greater professional heights, those employees and you still suffer significant financial and non-financial losses.

Together, employees and employers can soar. But first, we must endeavor.