What Balancing Act?

Building a career and a family both come with unique challenges and triumphs, often putting a spotlight on what many refer to as “balancing work-life” or “balancing family and career.”

At Arkatecht, we do not aim for balance. Not at all. We aim for integration.

We hold true that when people perceive of work and family life as if they were on opposing scales, there is inherent and unavoidable tension and difficulty in always keeping the two scales at equilibrium.

This often leads to harsh trade offs like leaving a career you love when you don’t truly want to, or not meeting your family goals because you can’t position them to align with your professional goals and needs.

We’ve experienced these trade offs firsthand, and know that a better way exists — one of integrating the information you must consider to make crucial work-life decisions, so you can have more successes that align with your professional and family aspirations.

So, what do we do?

We create digital professional advancement tools tailored to the unique needs and aspirations of working parents.



Read about our mission and how we plan to help you improve your work-life outcomes with technology.


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