What Balancing Act?

Building a career and a family are worthwhile endeavors.

They both come with trials, tribulations, and triumphs, when pursued independently and certainly when pursued together, often putting a spotlight on what many refer to as “balancing work-life” or “balancing family and career.”

At Arkatecht, we do not aim for balance. Not at all.

We aim for integration.

We firmly believe that when people perceive of work and family life as if they were on opposing scales, there is inherent and unavoidable tension and difficulty in always keeping the two scales at equilibrium.

As a result, we help working parents with facilitating smoother work-life navigation by integrating information and considerations relevant to both family and career from which to make better decisions, so as to yield better outcomes for one’s career and one’s family.

We’re here to facilitate a win-win scenario for working parents and their employers, and we’re doing it with technology.



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